FiroPoW 算法硬币

FiroPoW 挖矿算法规范、特点和要求

FiroPoW is a PoW mining algorithm used by FIRO coin introduced on October 26, 2021 after the hardfork in the network. The previous algorithm was MTP. The algorithm is an implementation of ProgPoW by the FIRO developers. It is protected against ASICs and potential centralization. Currently it is incompatible with cloud mining services. You can mine FIRO only on physical GPUs. The initial DAG size was slightly more than 4GB and increase by 8MB every 1300 blocks, that is, every ~4.5 days. For Nvidia we recommend T-Rex miner, and for AMD – TeamRedMiner.

默认挖矿利润是以300个Nvidia 3070 GPU的总哈希率计算的: 9090 Mh/s 在 FiroPoW 之上

FiroPoW 算法挖矿利益

加密货币加密货币难度(3h)净散列(3小时)24h 利润兑换率(BTC)24h 流量矿工份额 (3h)

Firo (Zcoin)

Firo (Zcoin)
6.93 K
255.45 Gh/s
矿工份额 (3h)
100.00 %
24h 利润
72.56 $
42.09 FIRO
6.93 K 255.45 Gh/s72.56 $42.09 FIRO0.0001062910 574 851 $100.00 %


下面列表中的挖矿软件支持 FiroPoW 算法。单击所需的硬币名称可以找到示例软件设置。

T-Rex1 %
Team Red Miner2.5 %