PyrinHash Algorithm Coins

PyrinHash Mining Algorithm Specification, Features and Requirements

Pyrinhash is the innovative mining algorithm at the core of Pyrin (PYI), a decentralized cryptocurrency that is a fork of Kaspa. This algorithm integrates the robustness of Blake3 hashing with the revolutionary Ghost Directed Acyclic Graph (GhostDAG) protocol, alongside Smart Contracts and a unique resource-managing Proof of Work (PAIW) system. Pyrinhash, through this integration, aims to deliver enhanced security, scalability, and fairness in coin distribution by specifically designing the system to be ASIC-resistant. This ensures that mining remains accessible to a broader range of participants, fostering a more decentralized network.

The adoption of GhostDAG protocol by PYRIN allows for the efficient and scalable processing of transactions. By enabling parallel block creation and confirmation, Pyrinhash addresses the common blockchain issue of scalability without sacrificing security or network integrity. The GhostDAG’s structure notably eliminates orphaned blocks and facilitates near-instant confirmation times, which is pivotal for the real-world adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the decentralized nature of PYRIN, secured by thousands of independent nodes and the implementation of BLAKE3, guarantees a fair distribution of coins, maintaining the network's integrity and resistance to centralization. By marrying the principles of Proof of Work with the innovative GhostDAG consensus, Pyrinhash stands out as a secure, scalable, and decentralized mining algorithm poised to advance the blockchain technology space significantly.

Default mining profit is calculated for 300 Nvidia 3070 GPUs with total hashrate: 1755000 Mh/s on PyrinHash

PyrinHash Algorithm Mining Profit

CryptocurrencyCryptocurrencyDifficulty (3h)Nethash (3h)Profit 24hExchange Rate (BTC)24h VolumeMiner Share (3h)


Difficulty (3h)
339.54 T
Nethash (3h)
340.24 T
Miner Share (3h)
100.00 %
Profit 24h
84.82 $
5385.19 PYI
339.54 T340.24 T84.82 $5385.19 PYI0.00000025175 274 $100.00 %

Supported miners

The mining software from the list below supports the PyrinHash algorithm. The sample software settings could be found by clicking on the desired coin name.

lolMiner1 %
Rigel1 %