NexaPow Algorithm Coins

NexaPow Mining Algorithm Specification, Features and Requirements

NexaPoW, also known as NexScalePoW, is the unique Proof of Work hashing algorithm powering Nexa's blockchain. Currently, it harnesses a blend of SHA256 hashing and Schnorr signature creation to address two critical scalability bottlenecks often faced by traditional blockchains: Signature signing and UTXO lookups. Significantly enhancing the network capacity of Nexa, this algorithm is primed to transition to UTXO lookups, further augmenting its computational strength.

Notably, NexaPoW is ASIC-resistant, ensuring a fair mining environment by mitigating the threat of centralization. Moreover, it's already compatible with Nicehash, making it possible for users to mine NEXA using rented hash power. Through its design, NexaPoW encourages the broad participation of individuals and entities in securing the network, with the potential to earn NEXA tokens.

Default mining profit is calculated for 300 Nvidia 3070 GPUs with total hashrate: 28800 Mh/s on NexaPow

NexaPow Algorithm Mining Profit

CryptocurrencyCryptocurrencyDifficulty (3h)Nethash (3h)Profit 24hExchange Rate (BTC)24h VolumeMiner Share (3h)


Difficulty (3h)
173.74 K
Nethash (3h)
6.10 Th/s
Miner Share (3h)
100.00 %
Profit 24h
106.08 $
33267662 NEXA
173.74 K6.10 Th/s106.08 $33267662 NEXA0.00000000296 171 $100.00 %

Supported miners

The mining software from the list below supports the NexaPow algorithm. The sample software settings could be found by clicking on the desired coin name.

lolMiner2 %
Rigel2 %