Equihash 144_5 Algorithm Coins

Equihash 144_5 is a PoW mining algorithm, also known as Zhash. The most popular coin that uses this algorithm is Bitcoin Gold, as well as BitcoinZ. BTG switched to Equihash 144_5 on block 536200 on July 3, 2018. The reason for the switch was pretty common – to protect GPU owners from ASIC invasion. So far there are no ASIC devices on Equihash 144_5. Zhash mining algorithm is available on both the most popular mining power rental services: Nicehash and MiningRigRentals.

Please note that you can not use ASIC-miners for Equihash on Equihash 144_5. It is a different algorithm.
CryptocurrencyDifficulty (3h)Nethash (3h)Exchange Rate (BTC)Miner Share (3h)
BitcoinZBTCZ1.12 K47.77 Ksol/s0.00000001 BTC4.76 %
Bitcoin GoldBTG66.34 K954.90 Ksol/s0.00088829 BTC95.24 %